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YOUR. Adrenal Support Program

How’s your adrenal health, do you feel burnt out? Are you struggling with deep fatigue, or do you feel wired tired? 


What about: 

  • Fatigue ranging from deep to wired 

  • Burnout 

  • Less ability to manage day to day stressors

  • Anxiety, low, stressed 

  • Brain fog, poor memory  

  • Poor unrefreshing sleep

  • Blood sugar dips and spikes

  • Craving salt and sugar 

  • Energy not lasting the day 

  • Crashing out or in boom and bust patterns

  • Sensitivities to food, smells and chemicals 

  • Frankly feeling beyond awful 


Would you like to know how to eat, sleep, move, rest, detox and de-stress during Adrenal Dysfunction with a comprehensive functional health program? 


We coach up on an Adrenal Dysfunction AD aka HPA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal) dysfunction support program where you can learn:

  • How stress impacts Metabolic Chaos during Adrenal Dysfunction

  • Targeted nutrition to best support the adrenals 

  • How to optimize rest and sleep for rejuvenation on a cellular level

  • How to pace your energy 

  • The best exercise or movement strategy during adrenal dysfunction stages

  • The need for micronutrients

  • Mitochondrial health support 

  • How to aid nervous system regulation

  • Functional medicine lab testing and analysis

  • Overview of adrenal dysfunction, and what stage of adrenal dysfunction you maybe at, plus what HPA dysfunction truly means 

  • Learn how to work with natural medicine – nutraceuticals, herbs, botanticals, glandulars, natural hormones, through the lens of naturopathy

  • Introduction to our FERN-P approach for chronic fatigue conditions 

  • Here we work within functional medicine in collaboration with conventional medicine - we also rule out other causes of fatigue


Within the program we offer the  Dutch hormone complete  and cortisol testing looking at our over 35 hormones and biomarkers worth £260 (other testing options are available).  We also offer other tests as add ons i.e. food intolerance, wellness, gut tests and more. DUTCH Advanced Hormone Master Trained.

Foundation Package:

Includes all of the above plus:

🔹1 x DUTCH Complete hormone test (worth £260 +P&P) 

🔹Review of your intake consult form & test info collection session

🔹1 x 60 minute 1:1 results & recommendation (R&R) session 

🔹Written comprehensive interpretation report of your test results

🔹Access to professional-grade supplements (15% off)

🔹Private messaging support while in the program 

🔹1:1 dedicated support & coaching throughout 

🔹Initial message follow up 

Introductory LIMITED SUMMER OFFER 15% OFF £485 +P&P

 - For the Dutch Plus with CAR - extra  £65 

This program is bespoke for Your life, Your lab results,  and to help you with this phase you're experiencing.

You can get your life back on track! 

Bonus Offer:

The program includes a 60 minutes 1:1 yoga , mediation and breath session with Lisa Cuerden who is internationally renowned in the fitness and yoga industry. 

Lisa has transformed her life from hormone issues, and adrenal burn out due to teaching fitness, competing in powerlifting and generally living a full on busy lifestyle with very little rest to now living a calmer life using the power of meditation, pranayama and yoga plus functional medicine to feel more at peace, relaxed, healthier and so much happier.


She is the owner and director of the online yoga membership 'YOUR. Home Yoga Studio’ for those Yogi’s (and those new to beginner yoga).


You’ll also have full access to this membership where you can join her through the week for LIVE streaming yoga classes, meditations, yoga tutorials and much more, while on the program..


‘Expect to feel happier, less anxious, more connected to yourself and those around you, it really can change your life’


VIP Package:

Includes all of the above.

Normally £700 but LIMITED introductory offer: £610 +P&P

How to get started

 - Schedule your 15 minute FREE Discovery Call to see if we're a good fit 

 - Choose your package and pay online (payment link will be sent) 

 - Fill out online consult form 

 - We will order your lab test(s) after payment is made 

 - Schedule your consult & test info collection session 

 - Schedule your Results & Recommendations session(s) once we notify you that your results are in

Contact us here to book a discovery call or to find out more 

Doctor's Desk

“As more healthcare practitioners recognize the value in practicing root cause medicine, it is imperative for these physicians trained in functional and integrative medicine to select safe, valid, and effective interventions for their patients. 

The partnership with laboratory testing and interpretation with high degrees of sensitivity, specificity, clinical validity, and utility, are informed by patients’ individual needs and provide a cost-effective benefit to patients.  

Amy R. Mack, MSES/MPA, IFM chief executive officer”.

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