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Healthy assortment of yellow foods
                                       Food Sensitivities & Intolerance tests

Food Sensitivity Test IgG Food Map With Candida + Yeast – Serum/Blood Spot

The GREAT PLAINS IgG Food MAP measures the body’s IgG response to 190 foods, as well as Candida albicans and yeast.

£220 (RRP £244) +P&P

York Test Food Intolerance - Blood Spot 

Analyses your reactivity to 200 food and drink. Measures all four subtypes of food-specific IgG via simple finger-prick blood test.

£129 (RRP £199) +P&P


Research shows that IgG-positive foods cause adverse immune reactions that contribute to chronic health conditions, including:

 - IBS

 - Rheumatoid arthritis


 - Plus skin and fatigue issues 

Please note elimination diets are recommended as a first line before testing. 

IgG Example Report Here

We also offer food allergies and environmental tests. 

Food Intolerance test kit

Can be ordered, as the results come with an easy to understand report, so you don't require a full consultation. In this example only, I will look over the results and request a review if necessary. However, a consultation is recommended to ensure this is the right test for you. 

To book the test, or to ask any further questions get in touch

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