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Functional Medicine Consultations

Whats the difference between conventional medicine and functional medicine?

As the rates of chronic dis-ease increase and more people don’t find the support and solutions they seek within the conventional medicine arena, more are turning to functional medicine.

Conventional medicine views the body in separate specialities, for example, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology.

Whereas functional medicine, views the body in an integrative way, so investigating and understanding how the different biological systems work and how they are interlinked allows us to intervene “upstream” at the cause of the problem, rather than try and manage the symptoms with a “pill for every ill”.

What will happen

Initially we assess your medical history, medications, allergies, symptoms, social history, nutrition habits, lifestyle, and stressors (medical red flags are ruled out or referred if necessary). 

We then consider laboratory functional testing to help guide recommendations and to get to the causes of your current challenges. In cases where tests have already been ran we are able to review within a consultation and result session. 

What we do

Following our initial consultation we are able to develop and help you implement individualised protocols to move forward and reach your health goals. This process is then followed up with ongoing support and intermittent follow up consultations.

Here we work with nutrition, natural medicine (nutraceuticals, botanical agents, supplementation), and lifestyle, and support hormones (natural hormones) through the lens of naturopathy, in collaboration with conventional medicine. 


60 minutes (client facing via tele-health) £95

(this includes analysis of your intake form, preparatory work on your case, the 1st appointment, an initial plan and ordering labs).

Results & Recommendations (R&R)

60 minutes (client facing via tele-health) £180

(this includes analysis of lab work and writing reports, though this maybe longer depending on the amount of labs analysed and a detailed plan, so may vary).

In circumstances where the total time of the R&R should run more than 1hr, then this is charged pro-rata at £180 per hour.

Functional lab testing and nutritional supplements are both additional to the consultation charges, though most supplements are offered at a discounted rate.

Lab Testing Packages 

For our lab testing packages see our NEW Hormone, Gut, Wellness or Food Intolerance packages which includes lab test, consult, R&R and follow up-  so head over to Lab Testing 


Between appointments, we are available to support you by phone or email if you have questions regarding your plan (there is no charge for this).

However, if you require additional support and follow up appointments, this is charged at: 

30 minutes £35

60 minutes £65

How to get started

 - Schedule your 15 minute FREE Discovery Call to see if we're a good fit 

 - Choose your package and pay online 

 - Fill out online consult form 

 - We will order your lab test(s) after payment is made 

 - Schedule your consult & test info collection session 

 - Schedule your Results & Recommendations session(s) once I notify you that your results are in

Do you want to find out if functional medicine is a right fit for you?

Contact us now for a FREE 15 minutes DISCOVERY CALL.

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