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                                       Wellness Tests

The Wellness Advanced test includes 25 biomarkers that assess vital organ function and micronutrient status. 


This comprehensive combination of biomarkers provides valuable insights into liver function, kidney function, inflammation within the gastrointestinal tract, protein status, as well as specific minerals and vitamins. 



This test is best used when clients are experiencing symptoms related to liver or kidney issues and/or digestion problems that are not related to the microbiome. 

The test covers key proteins, enzymes, and specific micronutrients that impact detoxification, digestion, and transport. It is particularly useful when there is suspicion that more than one vital organ or system may be impacted and requires assessment.


Instructions for finger prick blood test

Fasting for a blood test:
In order to get the most accurate results, you should fast for 8 hours prior to taking a blood test. The best time to take your blood test is in the morning after having fasted overnight.
Make sure you’re hydrated: Drink 2-3 litres of plain water the day before and at least 500 ml 1-2 hours prior to taking the test. Hydration can affect your results and how well blood will flow from the pinprick site.

Example Report and Analytes Here


Wellness test package 

Single test £95 +P&P

Test Package includes - lab fee, consultation, results and recommendations (R&R) and follow up

Limited Offer £220 +P&P

To book the test, or to ask any further questions get in touch

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