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Hormone and DUTCH tests


The DUTCH ™ Test (includes the Complete, Plus, Adrenal, Sex Hormones, and Cycle Mapping), provides a comprehensive look at your adrenal hormones and sex hormones. These clinically scientifically peer reviewed  hormone tests are also used in BHRT clinics. ​

These tests include a comprehensive assessment of over 35 sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites including: 


 - Oestrogen (neither men nor women want too much)

 - Oestrogen metabolites (how you break down and detoxify estrogen)

 - Testosterone (both men and women need to have enough)

 - Progesterone (essential for fertility and in perimenopause)

 - DHEA (a sex hormone precursor)

 - Free and Metabolised Cortisol (health and output of your adrenal glands)

 - Melatonin (an antioxidant that helps you sleep and more)

 - Methylation activity (a marker of detoxification)

- Plus insight into neurotransmitters, nutritional status, organic acids, toxicity, gut health marker, and oxidative stress markers, and more!


This test is helpful if you are struggling with symptoms like:

 - Hot flashes

 - Fertility concerns

 - Difficult periods

 - Perimenopause

 - Menopause

 - Oestrogen dominance 

 - Chronic fatigue conditions 

- Burnout

- Autoimmune conditions

- Gut and digestive issues 

DUTCH Example Report Here


Dutch Complete Single test - £260 (+P&P)

Our NEW DUTCH Complete package LIMITED SUMMER OFFER 15% 0FF -  £485 (+P&P) all via Zoom or Skype

What you get:

🔹1 x DUTCH Complete hormone test (worth £260 +P&P) 

🔹Review of your intake consult form & test info collection session

🔹1 x 60  minute 1:1 results & recommendation  (R&R) session 

🔹Written comprehensive  interpretation report of your test results

🔹Overview of B/HRT, treatment options & where to source IF right for you 

🔹Adrenal support & education 

🔹Bespoke food, lifestyle & supplement suggestions (natural hormones, herbs, botanicals, nutraceuticals and more)

🔹Access to professional-grade supplements (15% off)

🔹Private messaging support while in the program 

🔹1:1 dedicated support & coaching throughout 

🔹Initial message follow up 

 - For the above package excluding the Dutch Complete test -  £265

 - Reviewing prior additional lab tests will incur an extra fee - please enquire 

 - For a 2nd opinion of a Dutch test and/or verbal review only (test not included) - please enquire

 - For the Dutch Plus with CAR - extra  £65 

Please also see our peri/menopause and adrenal support programmes. 

Our NEW DUTCH Complete and GI Map Combo package limited offer -  £995 (+P&P) includes consult, lab fee, 2 x result sessions & initial follow up as above.

We also provide comprehensive adrenal tests, hormones tests for both male and female, and perimenopause and menopause blood tests.

DUTCH Advanced Hormone Master Trained.

How to get started

 - Schedule your 15 minute FREE Discovery Call to see if we're a good fit 

 - Choose your package and pay online (online payment will be sent) 

 - Fill out online consult form 

 - We will order your lab test(s) after payment is made 

 - Schedule your consult & test info collection session 

 - Schedule your Results & Recommendations session(s) once we notify you that your results are in


To book the test, or to ask any further questions get in touch

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