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Blood Test

Lab Testing and Analysis

We have partnerships with several testing laboratories in the UK, US  and Europe, we are able to ship internationally, and can therefore accommodate clients online from around the world.

You can learn more about 4 of our core tests and packages click on the below:

Hormone and Dutch tests

Gut and Digestive tests

Food Sensitivities & Intolerance tests

Wellness tests

But we have access to a full range of lab testings, including:

 - Comprehensive hormones (adrenal/ sex hormones)

 - DUTCH tests

 - Advanced Gut/Digestion testing 

 - Organic acids tests and Nutrition tests (OATS/Metabolimix)

 - Functional biochemistry

 - Wellness tests

 - Food sensitivities

 - Mineral testing and toxins


 - SIBO testing

 - DNA tests

 - Vitamin and minerals tests

 - Full blood panels

 - Full thyroid panels

 - Lyme and co-infections

 - Long covid testing

 - Plus many more!

No more guesswork and no wasting valuable time or money.

Where are the labs taken? 

Most functional tests you can easily do in the comfort of your own home, as they typically test saliva, urine, stool or a blood spot panel. However tests that require a serum blood draw, this service can be provided at an additional cost at the local clinic. 

Can I order a test with no consultation?


We offer a range of lab testing. If you wish to order a lab without any clinical input we can order from the lab and this will be sent to you.

Please enquire if you need a particular test not mentioned here. ​

How to get started

 - Schedule your 15 minute FREE Discovery Call to see if we're a good fit 

 - Choose your package and pay online 

 - Fill out online consult form 

 - We will order your lab test(s) after payment is made 

 - Schedule your consult & test info collection session 

 - Schedule your Results & Recommendations session(s) once I notify you that your results are in


To book the test, or to ask any further questions get in touch

Doctor's Desk

“As more healthcare practitioners recognize the value in practicing root cause medicine, it is imperative for these physicians trained in functional and integrative medicine to select safe, valid, and effective interventions for their patients. 

The partnership with laboratory testing and interpretation with high degrees of sensitivity, specificity, clinical validity, and utility, are informed by patients’ individual needs and provide a cost-effective benefit to patients.  

Amy R. Mack, MSES/MPA, IFM chief executive officer”.

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